Which web hosting to choose?

When creating a website it is not easy to know which hosting to choose. It is important to choose a quality web hosting for your website or blog to work properly. Nowadays there are many offers on the Internet, but you have to know how to filter to choose a professional hosting that suits your needs. In this post we are going to see which are the best web hosting providers in Spain, free hosting and much more. 

1. What is web hosting?

A web hosting explained in a simple way is a computer connected to the internet where all the contents of your website are stored. When hiring a web hosting, let’s say that you rent a space in a server where you keep all the files of your web. This service allows us to publish a web page or application on the Internet.

2. What types of web hosting are there?

Which web hosting to choose

The three most common types of web hosting are:

2. 1 Shared hosting

Shared hosting is recommended for most websites and is the one we will focus on in this article. In this type of web hosting you share your space with other websites. Most shared hosts are user friendly and make it very easy to use as a WordPress web host as they come with quick setup. 

2.2 VPS Hosting 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is more expensive than shared hosting and more difficult to set up, but if you understand the subject, a VPS offers more flexibility and you can configure it to your needs. The server is divided and each part uses its own operating system, which means that the problems of other projects do not affect the rest, something that can happen in a shared hosting.

There is also the possibility that your hosting provider takes care of managing your VPS but it will obviously be more expensive.

2.3 Dedicated hosting

Hosting with a dedicated server is the least economical option and requires advanced technical knowledge or hiring a server administrator. In a dedicated web hosting you have an exclusive server with what you have more capacity to receive traffic on your website and better features than shared hosting or VPS.  

3. Free web hosting

If you can not or do not want to spend money on hosting your website there are free hosting, which are shared hosting with many other users. Although I do not recommend them at all when creating a professional web page, it can be an option to use them to practice.

Some free web hosting options are:

3.1 000Webhost: 

  • 000Webhost has technical support, but it has many limitations as it is normal being a free hosting. 
  • They can remove your website without notice. 
  • Your website is offline 1 hour a day. 
  • They put a 000Webhost banner at the bottom of your website.

3.2 AwardsSpace: 

  • AwardsSpace, like the previous one they also have technical support, but very limited through a ticket system. 
  • They don’t give you a free SSL certificate. 
  • They do not create backups. 

Both free web hosting services have payment plans in which obviously the service conditions are much better. It is good that this free hosting service exists as it could be good for non-professional use or for students who need a web hosting service because they have to practice.

4. The best web hostings

It is convenient that the server of your hosting provider is close to the country where your website receives visitors because that way your web page will load faster. 

4.1 Webempresa

  • It is a Spanish hosting that has been operating for more than 20 years.
  • It has a good technical support.
  • It offers good loading speed.
  • They have servers in Europe and America. You can request in which country the IP is geo located.
  • Performs automatic backups every 4 hours.

In this link you can see Webempresa’s plans, prices and discounts.

4.2 Raiola Networks

  • It is a Spanish company.
  • It also has a good technical support.
  • Daily automatic backups.
  • Good speed.
  • Servers in France and America. 

Here you can see Raiola Networks plans, prices and discounts.

4.3 SiteGround

  • Company founded in Bulgaria, but you can choose server in Europe, America or Asia.
  • It is the most expensive of the four others but it doesn’t mean it is the best.
  • They offer good technical support.
  • Daily automatic backups.

4.4 Professional Hosting

  • Spanish company.
  • Good technical support.
  • Servers located in Spain, with Spanish IP.

It is a cheaper hosting than the previous three and usually have a big discount for the first year you get it.  It may not be as well known as the others, but I use it and it works well, every time I have had to contact the technical support they have answered me quite fast and efficiently.

Here you can see Professional Hosting plans, prices and discounts.

All these hosting providers include a free domain with at least one year of hosting, and also a free SSL certificate

5. Conclusions on which web hosting to choose

There are many more web hosting options, but these four are the ones I personally recommend and use. Forget about free hosting if you intend to do a serious project. Keep in mind that a good hosting service is essential for your website to load quickly, which will also help your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Choose one of them and get your website up and running!