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Web hosting

Web hosting is the first thing we need to get our website up and running, whether we create it ourselves or it is done by another person or agency. Here I recommend these three options where you can host your website.


profesional Hosting


Hosting Webempresa

Raiola Networks

Raiola Networks

You can find more information about these three hosting providers in my blog post: Which hosting to choose

WordPress theme

If we are going to use WordPress to create our website, an important step is to decide which theme or template we are going to use on it. Here I recommend the two WordPress themes that I use.

GeneratePress plantilla WordPress

GeneratePress is a very light, fast and secure WordPress theme. It is focused on SEO (search engine optimization) with a very clean code. It has a free version and a premium version with many more features. It is my favourite theme and the one I use in Alzawebs and many other websites.

Divi Elegant Themes

Divi is a theme from Elegant Themes, it is very good and one of the most used WordPress themes. It is very easy to use as it includes the visual builder Divi Builder, plus many templates already designed with which you will create your website in no time and without having to touch code.

You can read more about both themes in my blog post: Best WordPress Theme

Visual page builder

The visual page builders for WordPress allow us to create creative and modern websites without any coding knowledge, using drag and drop. Here are the two best ones at the moment.

Divi Elegant Themes

Divi Builder is a plugin that comes included with the purchase of the Divi theme, with it we add all the benefits of the visual builder and the pre-designed Divi layouts, when we are using a different theme in WordPress.

Elementor plugin

Elementor is a WordPress plugin with which you can create modern pages using the drag and drop visual builder and its pre-designed templates. It complements very well with Generate Press. It has both free and paid versions.


The use of a VPN is very important for anyone doing anything on the Internet, especially for those who use public networks, and especially for those who depend on the Internet for their work, as I do.

nordvpn logo

The VPN I use and recommend is NorVPN, for its security, value for money and all the features it offers.

You can read more about VPNs and NordVPN in my blog article: What is a VPN and why to use it