Web maintenance


WordPress support

Why to get
web maintenance?

  • Safety. Keep your website up to date
  • Peace of mind. Don’t worry about technical tasks
  • Consulting. Support to solve your doubts
Web maintenance Alzawebs

What does the WordPress web maintenance service include?


Updating plugins and themes

Keep WordPress, template and plugins up to date.

Seguridad web


Generate web backups to have access to the most recent copy of your data.

Mantenimiento web

WordPress support

Email consultations to solve doubts you may have about your website.

Mantenimiento web

Load speed optimisation

Test and optimisation to accelerate web loading speed.

Google Analytics Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

First set up of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to obtain valuable information about your website.

Frequently asked questions

How will I know that my website is getting the web maintaining tasks done?

I will send you a monthly report with all the details of the tasks performed, such as updates, backups, etc.

Does the web maintenance service include inserting or editing content, online marketing, design or SEO?

No, these are tasks that would have to be budgeted for separately.

How will we communicate for the web maintenance service?

Email. For its simplicity and effectiveness, it also saves the conversation history in case you need to consult them in the future.

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. There is no minimum permanence requirement.

When is the service paid for?

Once the service is paid, the web maintenance service, updates, backups, queries, etc. will be activated.

Will you fix my broken or malware infected website?

It is a maintenance service, not a repair service. If you already have a broken or infected website before contracting the web maintenance service, it would be a service to be budgeted separately.

Does the service include e-commerce support?

The web maintenance service does not include support for online shops (ecommerce), this would be a service that would have to be budgeted separately.