How to Create Your Personalized GPT

Are you an artificial intelligence enthusiast, always keeping up with the latest innovations? OpenAI, in its recent conference, has once again raised the standard, introducing a new era in digital interaction with ChatGPT. If you’re not yet familiar, ChatGPT is a versatile tool capable of performing a wide range of complex tasks – from creating summaries and cooking recipes to efficiently planning trips. Now, OpenAI offers you the opportunity to customize your own ChatGPT, tailoring it to your specific needs, whether personal, business, or professional.

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What are GPTs

Custom GPTs are variants of ChatGPT that you can configure according to your preferences, convictions, and objectives. With OpenAI’s GPT builder, you specify your needs and the system takes care of the rest. These custom tools go beyond basic tasks; they can browse the internet, create images with DALL-E·3, and execute programming code, among many other functions.

Advantages of the GPT Builder

This GPT builder exceeds the “Custom Instructions” function available to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise users, offering new options such as:

  • File Upload: Allows you to upload files directly for reference, instead of having to manually enter the text of each resource, speeding up each project or task.
  • Multiple GPT Creation: Unlike custom instructions, there is no limit to the number of GPTs you can create.

Steps to create your GPT

1. Log in to your ChatGPT account

Access your account at If you don’t have one, sign up. (Note: GPT creation is only available for the paid version).


2. Create your GPT

Go to “Explore” and select “Create a GPT”. Follow the instructions to customize your ChatGPT.

The GPT builder presents a split-screen interface for entering instructions on the left and previewing your GPT on the right.

GPT create

You will be asked several questions to customize your GPT, go ahead and answer them. Start by writing a description of what you want to create and its name, then continue entering your specifications and adjust them according to the builder’s suggestions and previews.

3. Profile picture

The builder automatically generates a profile picture for your GPT, which you can customize. If you don´t like that image, you can also upload your own image.

4. Further customize your GPT

Use the “Configure” option for detailed adjustments, including the ability to upload files and activate features like web browsing, DALL-E image generation, and Code Interpreter.

You will automatically see 4 conversation starter phrases, which you can change if you prefer.

From “Add Actions” you can integrate third-party APIs for extended functionality.

GPT configure

5. Save your GPT

After completing the setup, click the “Save” button to access the final options. You can decide who can use this version of ChatGPT, making it publicly accessible, restricting it for your personal use, or allowing it to be used by those with the specific link. Confirm your choice by pressing the “Confirm” button.

6. Customize your GPT Builder profile

From the ChatGPT settings, you can customize your profile to connect with the users of your GPTs. These settings apply to publicly shared GPTs.

7. How to share It?

To share it, select your GPT by clicking on its name, open the tab and select the “Copy Link” option. Once copied, you can share it with people you want to have access to your GPT.

8. How to access your GPT?

Find your GPTs on the sidebar of the ChatGPT homepage for regular interactions.

9. How to edit your GPT?

Select “Explore”, then “Edit” next to your GPT, adjust the settings and confirm. You can make changes at any time.

edit GPT

10. How to delete your GPT

If you want to delete it, simply click on the ellipsis icon (…) next to your GPT in Explore and finally confirm the deletion.

GPT examples

At Alzawebs, we have created several GPTs, one of them is Travaizen, an AI-based travel assistant, offering personalized recommendations, detailed information about places of interest, links to Google Maps, travel tips, cost estimates, and much more.


These are some of the functions of Travaizen GPT

  1. Personalized destination recommendations
  2. Detailed information about places of interest
  3. Direct links to Google Maps
  4. Travel and safety tips
  5. Cost estimates
  6. Customization to specific needs
  7. Updated and reliable information

You can try now Travaizen GPT, your personalized travel guide.

Other GPTs by Alzawebs are Social Media Expert and SEO Master Writer.

Social Media

The SEO Master Writer GPT is an advanced tool designed to optimize web content. With specialized skills in keyword research, metadata optimization, and SEO strategies, this GPT creates clear, engaging, and trend-oriented content, ensuring high search engine performance.

SEO Master Writer 1

On the other hand, the Social Media Expert GPT is an expert advisor in the field of social media. This GPT provides guidance on content creation, ad management, and strategic planning, all communicated in a friendly and understandable way. It is ideal for users ranging from beginners to experienced professionals, making it easier to master the complexities of social media.

Try them out and experience the digital revolution with SEO Master Writer and Social Media Expert.

Conclusion: Driving creativity and efficiency with customized GPTs

The ability to create and customize your own ChatGPT is a revolution in interaction with AI. From personal assistants to business and educational solutions, the possibilities are endless. Custom GPTs enhance productivity and creativity, offer accessible innovation, and promise an exciting future in integration and automation with AI.

Explore the power of AI by creating your own customized GPT and don’t forget to share your experience with us on our social networks!